[Marxism] Capitalism and the ‘undeniable’ rise in living standards

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Aug 27 15:03:39 MDT 2012

Two days ago I received an email from Ed Leahy, a Marxmail subscriber:

I am a nascent Marxist and am now almost continually struggling against 
the general Capitalist ideological current that seems to have been 
internalized by pretty much everybody I know. I have found that the main 
argument they make for Capitalism is the ‘undeniable’ rise in living 
standards that has been engendered under a capitalist economy. I have 
been finding this a hard point to interrogate, as my own narrative is 
the same as theirs, i.e. the capitalist West has the highest standard of 
living, newly capitalist China is now lifting itself out of poverty etc. 
As a Marxist, how would you respond such a defense of Capitalism?

my reply to Ed: 

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