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BREAKING: 630 Slaughtered in new massacre in

*2:21 PM PT*<http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/08/27/1124703/-BREAKING-630-Slaughtered-in-new-massacre-in-Syria#20120827142116>
: So many people ask me what I think should be done that i decided to
elevate this from a comment to the main body.

*The US should not act as a filter for weapons reaching the opposition.*

>From the NY Times<http://www.nytimes.com/2012/06/21/world/middleeast/cia-said-to-aid-in-steering-arms-to-syrian-rebels.html?_r=1&pagewanted=all>we
have this story about our country's input into this crisis under

A small number of C.I.A. officers are operating secretly in southern
Turkey, helping allies decide which Syrian opposition fighters across the
border will receive arms to fight the Syrian government, according to
American officials and Arab intelligence officers.

>From the Australian<http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/08/27/1124703/om.au/news/world/cia-polices-weapons-entry-to-syria-as-spooks-invade-turkey/story-fnb64oi6-1226448705909>,
we have more details about what the American role really amounts to:

the CIA has blocked shipments of heavy anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons,
which rebel units of the Free Syrian Army have long said are vital to their
efforts to overthrow the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. At the same
time they have approved supplies of AK-47 Kalashnikov rifles, and just over
a month ago gave the green light to a shipment of 10,000 Russian-made
rocket-propelled grenades.

This is a disgusting policy. What does that make the United States if not
accessories to these murders?

So I guess the first thing I want done is for Mr Obama stop this shameless
policy of promoting endless war in Syria while at the same time denying the
Free Syrian Army the weapons they need to win.

Is he so afraid of what Israel will say if he allows the FSA to get manpads
that he is willing to see thousands get slaughtered from the air between
now and the election?

Clearly nobody is even considering a no-fly zone, so I find this policy of
denying the people being slaughtered the tools with which to defend
themselves absolutely criminal.

I hope there is a charge of accessory-to-a-warcrime, and it won't just be
the Russians who will be looking at it.

*8:36 PM PT*<http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/08/27/1124703/-BREAKING-630-Slaughtered-in-new-massacre-in-Syria#20120827203612>
: One Kossack, in justifying Obama's policy of imposing the US as a
"filter" to make sure no one supplies the Free Syrian Army with effective
weapons against armor and aircraft

We don't want weapons to wind up in enemy hands and it is probable that at
least some of the FSA groups are allied to Al Qaeda. Just because someone
is Assad's enemy does not mean it is in our national interest for them to
have heavy weapons.

Another Kossack wrote a
expressed much the same sentiment:

Why is the Obama administration trying to limit who gets arms and block
heavy arms from being delivered to the rebels in Syria?

Because most of the arms the rebels have are not secure. There is no
organized command structure, alliances between groups are very fluid, and
cash is king - almost all the arms in rebel hands are up for sale.

The idea being defended is that these items have a dual use. Yes they could
be used to save the people being slaughtered from the air, but they could
also be used to challenge our air superiority and endanger us in other ways.

So since we don't directly suffer from the slaughter in Syria, but we
*may*suffer if these weapons should fall into the wrong hands, we
should stop
them from getting the weapons if we can.

This is the same *"dual-use"* mentality imperialist powers always exercises
where they have that control.

With the Iraq sanctions it meant: We know you need chlorine to purify the
water but you could make chemical weapons with it so sorry the children
will have to die. Or we know you need anti-biotics to fight diseases but
they could also be used in a bio attack, so sorry.

Israel uses the same self-serving *"logic"* to deny Gaza even the most
basic building materials.

The US policy, Obama's policy, the one these Kossacks seem to be defending
is precisely the policy that will cost the most Syrian lives. It is a
policy of allowing them just enough weapons to continue the fight [ AK-47s
and RPG] while denying them the weapons [heavy anti-tank and anti-aircraft
weapons] they need to win the fight.

A long civil war in Syria suites US imperialism just fine. First, they
really don't want to see Assad go. Obama thought he was on the verge on
doing a peace deal with Assad, and he was helping with intel. But they
would like to see Assad weakened. And if Assad does have to go, they want
to have a say in picking the next king, and they don't have that clout with
the FSA yet, so continuing the war gives them time and space to maneuverer.

Of course, that also means that the slaughter of Syrians continues, but US
imperialism never worried about that. Didn't in Vietnam or Iraq or now with
the drone strikes everywhere. In Syria, the US isn't even doing the killing
directly, we're just blocking help from getting to them.

Still, its a lousy, blood-soaked, Machiavellian, imperialism policy and I'm
just sorry to see so many Kossacks lining up behind it.
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This article is especially interesting for Marxists:

>From *the National* we have this very important

*Daraya: the defiance that led to the Syrian massacre of hundreds* Phil
Aug 27, 2012

DAMASCUS // For a rather non-descript town of drab cement block buildings
on the southern outskirts of Damascus, Daraya in two short months acquired
a significance far exceeding its size or the apparent ordinariness of its

Until the start of last week's all-out assault by regime loyalists, which
culminated with the alleged massacre of at least 300 people, the community
took up the task of governing themselves - a highly emblematic piece of
defiance against a regime that has long warned chaos and Islamic extremism
would engulf areas outside of its strict control.

Rather than sliding into anarchy after security forces withdrew entirely
from the town this summer, Daraya had instead been run with a certain quiet
efficiency by opposition activists and volunteers drawn from the town's
200,000 or so population.

There was no state police in the area, but traffic flowed freely and
residents reported little crime. Modest rebuilding projects to repair
damage from previous army operations had been carried out, paid for by
local donations.

Stores and wood workshops were open, an independent community newspaper was
being published and volunteer street cleaners swept and washed down roads.
People even queued politely at the local petrol station.

With no security forces on hand to make arrests, activists would stand at
major intersections and hand out leaflets designed to educate residents on
the key principles of the revolution, as drawn up by committees of local
men and women.

The leaflets said there must be equality between all religious and ethnic
groups in the new Syria and stressed the importance of ensuring justice and
rejecting revenge in dealing with regime officials. They also spelt out
that with new freedoms would come enormous responsibilities and duties for
every citizen, including caring for the environment and conserving scarce
water resources.

Daraya was one of a growing number of places living on the fraying edge of
central authority in Syria, but its slide out of the government's grasp was
made all the more remarkable by its proximity to the very centre of power.

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