[Marxism] Amnesty Calls on UN to stop the US, Qatar and Turkey funding and arming Syria Rebels

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Aug 28 10:36:11 MDT 2012

On 8/28/12 12:16 PM, Carl G. Estabrook wrote:
> "...Amnesty International has devoted extraordinary attention to the Pussy Riot case, while totally ignoring, for instance, the threat of U.S. prosecution that led Julian Assange to seek political asylum..."
> http://www.counterpunch.org/2012/08/28/the-decline-of-political-protest/

Diana, of course, is a major theorist/journalist for the "axis of good" 
tendency on the left. This business about Pussy Riot being a "diversion" 
from defending Assange is utter nonsense. She makes a wild amalgam 
between Pussy Riot, Putin, Syria, Otpor in Yugoslavia, and Doonesbury.

I should state that I first became leery of this tendency not longer 
after Jared Israel began posting love notes to Putin when he was a 
subscriber here. From his adoration of Milosevic, constructing an altar 
to Putin was the logical next step. What recommended the two presidents 
was their determination to crush Jihadism in Bosnia or Chechnya. After 
9/11 Israel became a "truther" bent on showing that the CIA and 
Jihadists were in an unholy alliance. The last stage in his political 
dementia was rabid support for the Likud Party in Israel.

Here, btw, is a Counterpunch piece on Putin that is a must-read:

Counterpunch April 17, 2001

Down the River With Vladimir Putin
by Alexander Cockburn And Jeffrey St. Clair

A couple of years ago Vladimir Putin journeyed to the American Southwest 
to take his natural son on an initiation ritual. The boy’s mother is now 
an American citizen. First stop was a big game ranch in Texas, where 
Putin and Jr blasted zebras, antelopes and bison. Apparently, Putin, 
reenacting a scene out of Mailer’s Why Are We In Vietnam, marked his 
son’s forehead in the blood of one of these hapless creatures.

Then it was on to Moab, Utah, for a raft trip down Cataract Canyon on 
the Colorado River, one of the world’s most demanding stretches of 
whitewater. The Moab river guide community is still shaking its head 
from its close encounter with the Russian president and former KGB man. 
“We get a lot of whacked-out people coming down the river, but Putin 
really is a dangerous guy, a real mobster,” a guide told CounterPunch in 
late March.

“His packs were loaded with guns, vodka and tens of thousands of dollars 
in cash,” the guide said. “He seemed to be a little on edge. It was 
during a time when it was unclear what was going to happen to the 
Yeltsin government. He was a real bully. He was drunk much of the time 
and bossed people around as if they were his personal slaves. His son 
caught a channel catfish and they slapped it down in front of the guide 
and demanded that it be cooked up immediately.”

Cataract Canyon is in the heart of Canyonlands National Park, one of the 
most dramatic landscapes in the world. But Putin and son were soon bored 
with the redrock canyons and class five rapids. “By the third day, Putin 
was demanding that the guides call in a helicopter to have his party 
picked up and flown out. Then he got drunk and started bragging about 
how many people he had personally killed. More than 40.”

The rafts finally exited Cataract and motored across 30 miles of Lake 
Powell’s flat water to the marina complex known as Hite. The old town of 
Hite now lies submerged under 200 feet of water. The next step on the 
Putins’ tour was supposed to be a four-wheeler excursion tearing up the 
desert in the bizarre Needles District of Canyonlands Park. But Putin 
opted for a more traditional form of initiation for his son, straight 
out of Notes from the Underground. From the Hite marina, he placed a 
call to Las Vegas.

“We want some whores,” Putin shouted into his cellphone. “Price is no 
object.” CP

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