[Marxism] The Value of Commodities

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Sure, labor can also be intensified by the use of machines. This is why new
generations of computers are more expensive than older. Their project
involve increasing ways, with computers of the last generation,  to design
new computers with more transistors. So there is less labor/transistor
every generation, with the use of the best computers of the previous
generation. Just like, for linen, there is less work involved/cotton

So, what, the use of a rare to produce commodity is recommended, since as
times passes the labor involved in its production do not vary too much.

2012/8/29 Angelus Novus <fuerdenkommunismus at yahoo.com>

> ======================================================================
> This is terribly, egregiously wrong, at least from a Marxian perspective.
> Marx's value theory is not a "congealed labor" theory of value.  For Marx,
> socially necessary labor time is always in a state of flux:

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