[Marxism] Re The Republicans and the gold standard

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 12:55:09 MDT 2012

This is an interesting discussion, though probably a bit arcane for
most of us.  I find it an interesting connection between goldbuggery
and modern libertarianism. Perhaps this touches on a key difference
between that and the more old-fashioned, genuinely radical
libertarianism of the Pops and Greenbackers to whom Tom refers.

The origins of Greenbackism in American history are various and mixed,
but one of the most important was Josiah Warren's idea of exchanges
based on "Labor Notes."  Warren establishedd a very successful series
of "Labor Stores" based on this before the Rochdale pioneers
transformed cooperationism.  He also became associated with the First
International here, and references to his work flits in and out of the
literature of socialism and labor reform over the generation prior to
the organization of Greenbackism.


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