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Last week due to Financial Times coverage of the So African  platinum miners' strike and the police' slaughtering strikers, I learned that the price of an ounce of gold is about the same as the price of a human laboring for a month in a gold mine, at least currently.  Who knows what Marx and Engels or their best living student with access to the plethora of data available today, would do with this?

Remember wages are the price of  the labor power that adds the labor value; that labor power is a function of the labor time of others  in the commodities the Laborer must buy to reproduce her labor power; and that surplus value (or social surplus) reduces to average world labor time added (to similar products that get sold) minus world average labor time consumed.

Rising gold miners' wages are not the cause of rising gold prices. 

2 unfortunately separate questions:
What does this make conceiveable that wasn't in 1872?  What does it make possible ?
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> . Perhaps this touches on a key difference
> between that and the more old-fashioned, genuinely radical
> libertarianism of the Pops and Greenbackers to whom Tom refers.
> The origins of Greenbackism in American history are various and mixed,but one of the most important was Josiah Warren's idea of exchanges based on "Labor Notes."  Warren establishedd a very successful series
> of "Labor Stores" based on this before the Rochdale pioneers
> transformed cooperationism.  He also became associated with the First
> International here, and references to his work flits in and out of the
> literature of socialism and labor reform over the generation prior to
> the organization of Greenbackism.
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