[Marxism] Mad Russians and the American left

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Aug 31 06:52:13 MDT 2012


Mad Russians and the American Left

Soon to be a contributor to CounterPunch and Dissident Voice.

Back in the 1930′s, there was a radio comedian named Bert Gordon, who 
was billed as the Mad Russian. His tagline was “How do you dooo!”, which 
you can hear in some Warner Brothers cartoons from that period. Gordon 
was enormously popular in his time, but, alas, he is largely forgotten 
today. Yet, the spirit of the Mad Russian lives on at some left-wing 
websites. At CounterPunch, Israel Shamir has become their resident 
authority on Russia, the Dreyfus Affair, and conspiracy theories.

Not to be outdone, CP’s rival, Dissident Voice, have their own mad 
Russian, Andre Fomine. His latest article is entitled Pussy Riot, the 
CIA, and Cultural Terrorism. In this article, we learn the shocking 
truth about Pussy Riot:

     No doubt it was not a single spontaneous act by a group of 
dissolute individuals but an episode of a much wider global campaign to 
shake and eventually ruin traditional societies and institutions. It is 
being carried out by the same powerful circles which inspired — e.g. 
offensive caricatures of Prophet Muhammad in a Danish newspaper in 2005.

Oh, my. From Pussy Riot to Danish cartoons. Who could possibly be behind 
this fiendish global conspiracy? Need you ask?

     It is an open secret that avant-gardism became popular in the West 
in 1950-1960s thanks to unprecedented support from the CIA and was used 
by the United States as a powerful ideological weapon.

The CIA. Why, of course! Aren’t they behind everything?


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