[Marxism] Jill Meagher, Reclaim the Night and sectarianism (or not)

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Sat Dec 1 00:33:31 MST 2012

Philip Ferguson  seems not to have been  listening to his detractors .
The facebook comment  he shares contradictorily argues the exact
opposite of what Louise O’Shea  claims :

<SNIP>"This is not to attack or undermine the progressives who
participated in Reclaim, either as organizers or attendees. I was one.
There are many potential advantages to participation : offering
left-wing ideological leadership to a diffuse movement, learning on
the ground about the social background and political orientation of
the attendees, and so on. But there are also serious dangers. Leftists
cannot approach such movements with uncritical support, in the hope
that we will win people to leftism by our sheer enthusiasm for their
cause. "</SNIP>

While it   insists that 'we' must  criticise Reclaim the Night (almost
as a matter of principle ) -- in order to draw a class line --  it
also argues that Marxists should be involved in Reclaim the
Night...something that O'Shea' piece disallowed.

So what is Philip's point in sharing this piece snaffled from
facebook? That Socialist Alternative's actual perspective is actually
very different from O"Shea's article?

If that's the  case, then that's great...if only they'd say so.

dave riley

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