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Michael Meeropol on the Oliver Stone series.

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I guess I will have to read the book because we don't get SHOWTIME ---
But I can definitely explain the intensity of the opposition.  Oliver
Stone is a proven force in American cinema.  When he produces a film,
people watch it.  The fact that he did JFK which sent the establishment
into apoplexy (whether he's right or wrong) has them "loaded for bear"
whenever he appears on the scene with his next iconoclastic project --

And this one is perfect -- he blasts away at "American exceptionalism"
-- he is probably in the tradition of Bill WIlliams and the Cold War
revisionists (but I will see that for myself when I read the book) --
who have been forgotten pretty much by the general public and the
intellectual opinion-shapers.  (An irony of this is that two of the
first right-wingers out of the box with critiques of the series were
themselves former Cold War Revisionists Ronald Radosh and David Horowitz
(Radosh claimed to have been a great admirer of Bill WIlliams) --- here
they are trying to continue currying favor with their new right-wing
sugar daddies -- Radosh was an Olin Fellow and Horowitz's organization
has undoubtedly been well funded by the right -- by reminding them of
how much they have repudiated their pasts!)

The idea that a new generation (perhaps of college students whose
"tenured radical" professors will maybe assign Stone's movie and/or
book) might be "dangerously exposed" to this "bad" way of thinking is
too much for these guys.  They want the public to believe that Oliver
Stone is a looney and his book is a piece of garbage -- just the way
former BU PRez John Silber tried to dismiss Howard's work!--.
Fortunately for us, it won't work.  Stone's book and movie will have a
good impact --

We can take advantage of the discussion to rebut the right wing attempt
to dismiss and deny the veracity of the film/book (and of course there
might be errors there -- what work hasn't got them?) -- and that becomes
another teachable moment for how the American version of thought control
(or as Noam Chosky would say "manufacturing consent" works).

Can't wait for the episode where he shows how the US created Osama Bin
Laden and the "freedom fighters" that "freed" AFghanistan from the
Soviet Union -- armed them, financed them -- and then let them loose on
AFghanistan -- only to find them with bigger targets -- Saudi Arabia and
then US!

[assuming he'll get that close to the present!]

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