[Marxism] Louise O'Shea article, SA etc

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 1 16:39:47 MST 2012

Dave R wrote:

> Philip Ferguson  seems not to have been  listening to his detractors .
> The facebook comment  he shares contradictorily argues the exact
> opposite of what Louise O?Shea  claims

Er, Dave, it is explicitly supportive of the Louise O'Shea piece.

Moreover, the writer is one of the organisers of Reclaim the Night in
Melbourne this year and she has had second thoughts about the politics
around it.

And, along with several others involved in the organisation of it, she's
now joining Socialist Alternative.

There seems to be a small, but by no means totally insignificant,
realignment of the marxist left going on in Australia.  It happens to be
taking place around Socialist Alternative (SA).  I have no formal
connection at all with them, but the merger of SA/RSP and the fact that a
layer of non-aligned folks are joining SA seems like progress to me.  And
they're not watering down Marxism in order to advance this realignment
process, which is also very encouraging.


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