[Marxism] on the Lincoln debate - my two cents worth

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Sun Dec 2 10:59:16 MST 2012

Email encourages the use of broad strokes.  We all have problems with
some of those broad and sweeping generalizaitons we've inherited.  The
concept of a "bourgeois revolution" is one of these.  And a rather
serious one in that it shapes our sense of what a working class
revolution is and should look like.

My personal favorite, though, is "Stalinism," which hasn't had any
real meaning for a long time.

What troubles me a bit about this kind of discussion is when we start
to try to define things in terms of unchanging positions on a moral
yardstick with no clear sense that history is about processes in an
ever-changing context.


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