[Marxism] Eric Foner letter on Lincoln

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Sun Dec 2 09:20:39 MST 2012

I don't think anybody familiar with this subject would hesitate in the
least to put John Ross on this list. Ross headed a large, clandestine
Unionist organization among the Cherokee and their neighbors.  After
less than a year, they pulled the rug out from under the Confederacy
in the Indian Territory.  There's nothing secret or arcane about any
of this. .

If you go to a library and check out my book _Race and Radicalism in
the Union Army_, you'll find this formed part of a rather impressive
attempt to move the western end of the Civil War into particularly
radical channels . . . why it came to naught . . . and how its failure
reflected the predispositions of Reconstruction as early as September


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