[Marxism] Lincoln and bourgeois revolutions

Anthony Boynton anthony.boynton at gmail.com
Sun Dec 2 13:20:46 MST 2012

Hi everyone: Well of course, there have never been any revolutions
anywhere. Bloody stupid wastes of time.

Personally, I would say that the idea the the Civil War was the second
American revolution is close to the mark. More than that, I would say that
the American revolution in very deep ways completed the British revolution
(Cromwell et. al.). The bourgeois revolutions in Holland, England, the
United States and France (in that order) mangled the feudal aristocracies
in Holland, England and France and transformed them to one extent or
another into parts of the rising capitalist classes. The bourgeois
revolution in the United States prevented the formation of a feudal
aristocracy, but left the country divided between two different forms of
rent/tribute regimes, one based on slavery and the other based on family
farms, land speculation and captialist production. The civil war, ended the
rent regime of the south and allowed it to - in a long transition - to be
integrated into the modern capitalist rent regime which had been pioneered
in the northern USA (and which the English revolution had failed to
introduce in the mother country.) Anthony

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