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Yes, this book is currently being translated and we hope will be published next year by Brill and the following year by haymarket Books.

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> Hi, I'm working on an essay dealing with the history of various theories of
> value and am currently looking at the chapter on value in Michael
> Heinrich's recently-translated Introduction to the Three Volumes of Marx's
> Capital (MR Press). In the preface he mentions a "detailed commentary on
> the first two chapters of Capital" in Heinrich (2009) with another to
> follow. There's no entry in the bibliography for this 2009 publication but
> it does say there's a translation of his earlier book "Die Wissenschaft vom
> Wert" forthcoming from Brill. I can't find anything on the web about this
> translation so I'm wondering if anyone happens to know whether this has
> appeared, is scheduled to appear, etc?
> Thanks,
> AB

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