[Marxism] Why Michael Moore is a big fat hypocrite

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Counterpunch December 03, 2012
An Open Letter to Michael Moore (and Daniel Ellsberg)
Why Michael Moore is a Big Fat Hypocrite

Hello Michael,

I feel I owe you a reply after the considerable attention you lavished 
on me with emails at election time.  But I must say that some of them 
made me worry about you, Mike.  So I feel I really ought to say something.

Most disturbing were three emails, one pre-election one post-election 
and one on Thanksgiving Day itself. Before the recent presidential 
contest, I received a missive from you urging me to vote for Barack 
Obama, even though you said you disagreed with him about virtually 
everything of importance that he had done in his first term.   Right 
away that had me concerned, because, you see, those two things are 
contradictory.  As the Car Talk guys would say, your letter seemed to be 
unencumbered by the thought process – and that is scary.   The cognitive 
malady, whatever it is, seemed to be rampant at the time.   Daniel 
Ellsberg sent out an excruciatingly long letter with the same talking 
points arguments.  (No wonder the Pentagon Papers were so long.)  And 
there were not a few others.

One cynic suggested that Obama operatives recruited you guys to bring 
back an alienated base for the election.  What a scurrilous charge!  And 
worse, she suggested that by disagreeing on issues but urging a vote for 
Obama you were preserving your progressive cred while working the other 
side of the street to remain in the good graces of the Dem 
establishment.  Even more scurrilous  Mike.  Men and women of principle 
do not behave in that way  _ and so once again I wonder about your 
mental processes.   For the same reason I wonder about Dan.

It worries me that you apparently did not seek the counsel of Ralph 
Nader on this point, a man of integrity who helped you so much early on 
in your career.  Ralph points out that one backs a candidate based on 
demands to which the candidate agrees – before the election.  Of course 
said candidate should have shown himself to be a person of principle and 
integrity so you can trust him – like Ralph.  You must remember that 
even though it was a long time ago long.  To act in politics on the 
basis of blind trust is to end up a chronic loser.  And who wants that?

You seem to believe that Obomba will be different in his second term 
from his first.  But this echoed the same arguments that many 
pwogwessive Democrats made in 2008.  Then many pointed out that Obomba 
was “just saying” the awful things he was proposing – simply “to win the 
election.”  The pwog Dems assured us that once in office he would 
change.  Well that did not happen as you noted at length to in your 
pre-election email.  Now you tell us that his second term will be 
different!  Mike, remember what Bush tried to get straight: “Fool me 
once, shame on you.   Fool me twice, shame on you.”

As if that were not enough, after election day and Obomba’s win, you 
sent out another letter listing all the areas where we must oppose him. 
  So we should vote for him even though we disagree with him and then 
fight him once he is elected.  Do you see a possible lapse of logic 
there, Mike?  And Mike, the only action most of us can take is a vote. 
I find it very hard to understand how you can suggest throwing that 
scrap of real power away by voting for a man who has done the same as 
George W. Bush – and worse.

Finally, I got a Thanksgiving letter from you, rejoicing that we are on 
the right track now that the election is over.  Mike, have you taken 
note of a place called Gaza, the site of a slaughter jointly engineered 
and timed by Barack and Bibi for mutual electoral benefit.  It was very 
intense with a lot of killing just before our Day of Thanks.  A letter 
of optimism in the light of such slaughter by your man, Obomba, defies 
good sense.  So again I worry about you.

But I commend you for one feature of your letters.  Unlike Ellsberg’s, 
they were mercifully brief.  You certainly are a master editor and know 
how to discard items you regard as non-essential.  You were at your best 
in Fahrenheit 911, which eliminated any mention of the role of the 
Israeli lobby in ginning up the war on Iraq.  The Saudis were alone in 
getting pilloried.  Maybe there you had assistance from your producers 
and distributors.

Finally I apologize for the delay in this response.  The Gaza slaughter 
stopped me in my tracks.  And now I am overwhelmed by Obomba’s first 
moves to take the wrecking ball to Medicare – and Social Security and 
Medicaid.  In the words of Glen Ford at Black Agenda Report, your guy 
Obama is not the lesser evil but “the more effective evil,” because he 
can carry out the worst atrocities and regressive policies while the Dem 
“progressives” hardly bleat a word of protest.   In that light Romney, 
who governed in the same way in Massachusetts that your man Obama has 
done in Washington, might be regarded as the less effective evil; and by 
your logic, not mine, perhaps you should have urged a vote for him.

Well, thanks for reading this.  I hope you had a good Thanksgiving and 
did not eat too much.  I am sure it was better fare than the Gazans were 
able to scrape together as the bombs with “Made in America” came raining 

All the best,


John V. Walsh can be reached at John.Endwar at gmail.com.  He acknowledges 
Al Franken for inspiration in titling his earlier tome, Rush Limbaugh Is 
A Big Fat Idiot.

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