[Marxism] query: Jews and Palestinians

rrpompeu rrpompeu at uol.com.br
Mon Dec 3 11:21:34 MST 2012

In São Paulo last week-end, there was an open air public meeting in Praça da Paz (Peace Square) with hundreds of Jews and Palestinians that live in the city, calling together for peace in the Middle East. A Jew read a poem by a Palestinian poet and a Palestinian read a poem by an Israeli poet, both translated to Portuguese. Both sides sent kites to the sky, each kite having the mixed colours of the Israeli and Palestinian flags. The Brazilian media said that Brazil is the only country in the world where such a public act has happened, and indeed, even may happen.
I would like co-listers to confirm or deny this, telling about instances in other countries of friendship and unity of political action between Jews and Palestinians.

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