[Marxism] Sarin gas in Syria?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Dec 4 23:20:09 MST 2012

On 12/4/12 10:28 PM, John Obrien wrote:
> The word revolution in this email contribution was used to describe the current conflict in Syria.   Really?
> Also with similar wording that could reflect a strange friendly political orientation to current U. S. government policies - instead of any serious reality of what forces are actually involved and for what nation's benefits.
> What serious marxist does not understand the nature and role of NATO and other pro-capitalist formations?


How Roger Casement's arrest ended German involvement

On April 15th 1916, Sir Roger Casement, who had been in Germany on a 
failed mission to recruit Irish prisoners of war for a rising in 
Ireland, set sail from Wilhelmshaven in a German U-boat bound for Tralee 
Bay. The submarine was to rendezvous off the Kerry coast with a cargo 
ship, the Liebau (disguised as a Norwegian steamer, the Aud), which had 
left Hamburg on March 30th with rifles and ammunition. Casement, who had 
been strongly opposed to the idea of a rising without a substantial 
German military involvement, decided after all to go back to Ireland and 
join an insurrection he knew to be planned for Easter Sunday.

The Liebau dropped anchor off Inishtooskert Island in Tralee Bay on 
Thursday, April 20th. At midnight, the submarine reached the rendezvous 
point just northwest of the island. The two boats, however, failed to 
make contact with each other either that night or during the clear 
daylight of Good Friday. The Irish rebels who were expected to be on the 
shore to signal to the German boats failed to materialise. Casement went 
ashore on a dinghy during the night, landing at Banna Strand. With no 
one to meet him, he was quickly arrested, even though the police had no 
idea who he was. The disaster got worse when three insurgents who had 
been sent from Dublin to seize wireless equipment in Caherciveen and 
make radio contact with the German ships, drove off Ballykissane pier in 
the dark and drowned. At 6pm on Saturday evening, the Liebau, still 
drifting around the Blasket islands, was captured by two British sloops. 
They escorted it to Queenstown (now Cobh), where its captain scuttled 
his ship, ending German involvement in plans for the Rising.

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