[Marxism] Sarin gas in Syria?

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Tue Dec 4 11:30:29 MST 2012

On Tue, December 4, 2012 18:09, Intense Red wrote:
>    It's interesting that the WSWS points out that this "news" about Assad
> perhaps using nerve gas comes on the eve of NATO's meeting

I have heard this "isn't it interesting that...." line so many times. Yes
it might be "interesting" if something that had never been talked about
before only gets talked about on the eve of an important international
meeting whereas there almost never is an important international meeting.
But there is an important international meeting almost every week, and
this issue has been talked about for many months.

What worries me in particular is that:
1) In almost every case in history, a ruling class has never gone down
without using every means at its disposal.
2) Whenever the subject has been raised in the past, the Syrian government
has only said that it wouldn't use chemical weapons against Syrians,
whereas practically anyone else in the world would rule out their use
altogether. Which is even more disturbing if they are also saying that 95%
of the rebels aren't Syrian!

While I wouldn't run around giving him credit for it, I am actually glad
that Obama warned against using chemical weapons and hope that it will
sway Assad from any thoughts of using them. So hopefully Assad won't see
these weapons as a possible means of saving himself and won't use them for
that reason. But I wouldn't take this threat lightly after seeing how far
they have already gone in order to terrorize the population. A serious
possibility of poison gas in the air would be effective in preventing
masses from flooding into the streets on the verge of the revolution's

- Jeff

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