[Marxism] Demonization

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Dec 5 07:58:40 MST 2012

On 12/5/12 9:48 AM, Jean Bricmont wrote:
> Yes-I live in a country that would still be run by Germany without Stalin's "stupidity". Too bad so many people have forgotten the role played by Trotsky at that time.

So what were you up to in 1968? Cursing out the "adventurist" students 
erecting barricades? I guess--for all I know--that you were 2 years old 
at the time so maybe this is not relevant to your experience. In any 
case, I find your admiration of Stalin rather quaint. Like a Nehru 
jacket and granny glasses. Cute but definitely absurd.

> i don't know when I was invited to Columbia-and for the UN, I was invited by people of Nicaragua whom I think are at least as revolutionary as Western trotskyists.

Actually I recruited the people who were repairing the electrical pylons 
being blown up by the contras.

> If we have to wait for a (trotskyist-approved) socialist revolution to move towards peace, then I am afraid the world will come to an end before that.

It is good that you put "Trotskyist-approved" in parentheses since this 
is not my orientation today. I advocate a nonsectarian revolutionary 
movement that transcends "the Russian questions". For more information 
on this, I recommend that you bookmark the website www.thenorthstar.info.

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