[Marxism] Up the Anti: Initial Reflections

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Dec 5 14:22:44 MST 2012

by Simon Hardy (ACI, U.K) on December 5, 2012in report

Up the Anti had something of an experiment-like character. We wanted to 
build a broad, left wing conference, that appraised the big questions 
facing radical politics in a fraternal atmosphere of critical debate, 
where people from different political traditions (and none) could 
discuss the future of the movement and progressive politics more generally.

By those criteria, the event was a success.

Given that it was co-sponsored by a collection of left wing websites, 
networks and magazines with a small number of activists amongst them, 
the event still attracted about 300 people (we had 322 registrations in 
total but not all advance ticket holders turned up so attendance was 
below that).

Sessions on debt strikes, trade unions, and Greece attracted good 
numbers of people with lively discussions. The journalism session was 
informative and good spirited. Radical interpretations of the crisis had 
mixed, indeed many negative, reviews that were summed it up by one 
person as “four middle-aged white men arguing with each other”. The 
session on the extradition of Talha Ahsan and Islamophobia saw moving, 
powerful talks from Victoria Brittain and Talha’s brother Hamja Ahsan 
that were incredibly composed and balanced, given the scale of the 
injustice discussed.

full: http://www.thenorthstar.info/?p=3672

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