[Marxism] Bricmont

dan d.koechlin at wanadoo.fr
Thu Dec 6 16:42:44 MST 2012

I tend to agree with Louis where Bricmont is concerned. He is not a 
Marxist and is increasingly displaying worrying signs of turning 
critiques of Zionism and American Realpolitik into an appreciation for 
nationalist solutions to Capitalist contradictions.  If you think 
"anti-Capitalism" means handing over the control of the accumulation 
process to a centralized state run by a "strongman"(/men) which can 
mobilize the working class and force the bourgeoisie to invest in order 
to create jobs, then Bricmont is a perfect representative of this brand 
of so-called "anti-Capitalists". No matter that the working class will 
still be nowhere near self-management or that the inherent 
contradictions within the present mode of production itself will not 
disappear by simply ignoring the tendency for the rate of profit to fall.

I used to consider him something of an interesting "deconstructionist" - 
i.e. someone who was not afraid to ruthlessly pin point the shortcomings 
of various and sundry irrational ideologies and hypocritical power 
mongering. I was thus surprised to see him mentioned approvingly in 
French neo-fascist sites ("Against the World Empire controlled by the 
US/Zionist lobby, which seeks to enslave the honest working class of the 
various countries of the world in the interest of a parasitic community 
that owes its allegiance to Israel, certain freethinking, principled 
leaders have emerged : Chavez, Ahmanidejad, Putin, Kim Il Jung. Sadly, 
many members of the downtrodden Muslim nations are being used as 
cannonfodder in the name of Jihad which is only a pretext for the 
US/Zionist EMpire to try to prevent working class people from realizing 
who their real ennemy is : the Jewish elite who are the true masters of 
the world." - to see Bricmont associate himself with "those kinds of 
websites" is disturbing, to say the least.

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