[Marxism] Bricmont

dan d.koechlin at wanadoo.fr
Thu Dec 6 17:43:13 MST 2012

Bricmont works with the "cercle des volontaires" ("club of volunteers" - 
the logo being a French tricolour) an organization that includes a 
bewildering array of ex-right-wingers, ex-left-wingers, ex-Islamists, 
whose main activity is to publicize views that support Joseph Stalin, 
Robespierre, Gbagbo, Khadaffi, Assad, Ahmanidejad, Castro, Chavez, etc. 
(in that order, no matter that bungling together these figures is really 
bizarre IMHO).

This organization also firmly condemns 1) NATO and Imperialist Wars in 
Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Cuba 2) Austerity measures in Europe 
3) the stigmatization of Muslims through "anti-terror legislation" and 
4) Zionism.

Of course, all of the above aims are highly laudable, which means that 
it is quite hard to find anything "untoward" with the "club of 
volunteers" and their tricolour-wielding supporters. Especially as they 
use a kind of leftist rethoric extensively ("respect and dignity for the 
working classes", "reconciliation between Europe and the Arab world 
against their common oppressor", "anti-imperialism", "the peoples of the 
world", "working class values and bourgeois decadence", "global 
resistance", etc.)

I'm not particularly interested in conspiricy theories myself or 
compiling lists of "potential ennemies", but as a Libertarian MArxist I 
have a strong distaste for what smacks, even remotely, of bullying, 
exploitation and authoritarian propaganda.

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