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New Deadly Farce Out of Washington

 From the desk of Reuven Kaminer       December 6, 2012

Obama is Busy

If Bush's WMD bluff at least /seemed/ a serious matter, Obama's attempt
to justify massive intervention in Syria because of Syria's chemical
weapons is pure farce.  Obama, by all accounts, should be currently
concerned about Bibi's settlement rampage, which is high on the agenda
of urgent international problems. Moreover, since acting as Israel's
spiritual patron on the road to Gaza, it is his responsibility to stop
Israel's disgusting campaign of revenge against the Palestinians.

But Obama was absent from DC during the crucial UN voting period. It
appears that he was very busy in Mynmar (Burma). He has still not
responded to Netanyahu's stinging slap in the face. He has no time
because he is very busy with Syria's weapons of mass destruction.

This must be another one of those very typical WMD (Weapons of Mass
Destruction) scares well known from the Iraqi debacle.  Obama is drawing
a "red line" since Assad is supposed to be planning to use chemical
weapons "against his own people" and against Turkey. The Syrians have
strenuously denied any such intentions. More pointedly, why would they
do anything that would isolate them from their closest friends? Why
would they provoke international condemnation? How remarkably similar
are the farces generated out Washington.

But Obama is pressing the panic button. He has alerted all the "players
in the game" and all his friends, including Israel, to the new dangers.
Israel knows all about this and is trying to finalize permission from
Obama to proceed to bombing Syria.

Patriots for Turkey

This "new" danger justifies the NATO decision to approve the deployment
of the Patriot missile defense system along the Turkish-Syrian border.
While Obama was whipping up hysteria in Washington DC, Clinton was in
Brussels to give her blessing to the Patriot initiative. With Patriots,
Erdogan can promote  a no-fly zone in parts of Syria,  with lessened
danger of reprisal. Turkey can now intervene to save us from a horrid
chemical death under cover of the Patriots.

Who Needs Proof?

There is, of course, no proof or any indication whatsoever that Syria is 
considering any such action.  All the sources turn out to be the single 
mysterious, anonymous source in the "intelligence community."
Incidentally, Bush's gang was better on this when they tried to give you 
the source of the lies.

Obama and Jordan have restrained Israel, for the meantime, from bombing
Syria. http://www.jpost.com/Defense/Article.aspx?id=294441 And you want
Obama  to bother Bibi about E-1? Washington's decision not to respond to 
Israel's land grab is well synchronized. Maureen Dowd reports that
Hillary Clinton is also refusing to say a word against what Dowd herself 
defines as Israel's "brazen and counter-productive action…which
flouted the Obama administration" despite US support for Israel in the
clash with Hamas and in opposing the UN vote to upgrade the
Palestinians. (NYT, December 6, 2012).  It turns out that the US
administration refuses to quibble with Bibi about land robbery in
Palestine when they both have bigger fish to fry. Bibi and Hillary know
how to look in the other direction when Palestine is being robbed.

Barack interrupted a regular White House briefing (December 5, 2012) to
draw this red line. Some of what he had to say was hurried and
unscripted. He talked about the various "players" on the Syrian issue as 
if this were a game. He warned Syria not to use or to move (?)chemical 
weapons. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oT7D5QFCro As if the Syrians 
should not even dare to think of moving their stuff out of striking 
range.  This is even stranger since Washington is simultaneously 
concerned about the chemical weapons falling into the hands of terrorists.

It appears that we have to deal with the same old Barack Obama, doing
his very best to protect and to promote the  interests of the empire.
Whether or not he ever had the potential to act otherwise is fast
becoming a moot, theoretical question.

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