[Marxism] More on the 'Anti-German' Idiocy

Paul Flewers trusscott.foundation at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Dec 7 07:53:38 MST 2012

This week's Weekly Worker contains another look at that weird phenomenon of
the 'Anti-Germans':

'The so-called ‘anti-German’ Germans, although they are obviously a
specifically German phenomenon, should be of concern to the international
left. The Antideutsche pose a big problem for the left in Germany,
especially the anti-capitalist left. Their ideology can perhaps be compared
to the kind of thing you will see on the blog Harry’s Place. The German
left is suffering from a process of neo-conservatisation -- a very
regressive development that comes in the guise of anti-nationalism and even

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One worrying thing mentioned in this article is that the 'Anti-Germans'
have a liking for the English Defence League, the latest face of fascist
activism in Britain, which under the guise of combatting Islamic extremism
promotes a pogrom atmosphere against all Muslims (and against other Asian
people when they can't distinguish them from Muslims), and have attacked
left-wing meetings and demonstrations, and would have attacked the London
Occupy camp had the authorities not wished to have a punch-up outside
London's premier cathedral and stopped them. That a supposedly left-wing
force feels an affinity with violent fascists is bizarre indeed.

Paul F

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