[Marxism] More on the 'Anti-German' Idiocy

Angelus Novus fuerdenkommunismus at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 7 09:15:42 MST 2012

Honestly, what decade is the Weekly Worker living in?  If I were cynical I'd suspect they were conspiring with the Playtpus sect to pretend that the Anti-Germans were still relevant, or even that such a thing still exists.

The whole "Anti-German" thing is deader than doornail.  Has been since around 2006. 

 The hardcore Anti-Germans around Bahamas and similar formations no longer consider themselves "communists" or even "Anti-Germans" anymore and instead are just openly neo-conservative reactionaries.

What used to be considered the "softcore" Anti-German milieu has abandoned the idiotic theoretical posture entirely, many having moved on to a sort of general anti-nationalism inspired by the journal Gegenstandpunkt (which was always hostile to the "Anti-Germans").

Bahamas made a rather public show a few years ago of disclaiming any pretensions to being communists or in any way a part of the left, and even decided that the label "Anti-German" was no longer any kind of indication of their politics (this is the magazine, by the way, that engaged in apologetics for the EDL).

Susann Witt-Stahl is a decent journalist, so I'm not sure why she's indulging in this weird alarmist sensationalism for an English-speaking audience, pretending that a marginal sect has any kind of influence in the left.

What *is* true to some extent is that the German left as a whole, even the radical left, has a somewhat indulgent position toward Israel that would probably shock most leftists from Anglophone countries, but that doesn't have anything to do with the "Anti-Germans."  You can kind that sort of thing going all the way back to the extra-parliamentary milieu of the 1980s.  

But the Anti-German tendency belongs to an era when the iPod was considered a bold new technological innovation, Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings films still topped the box office charts, and George W. Bush still occupied the White House.  

Usually it's only the Platypus cult who try to rehabilitate the Anti-Germans and assert their supposed relevance.  How weird to see their critics doing the same.

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