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Sat Dec 8 22:55:28 MST 2012

By *Paul Le Blanc*

December 8, 2012 -- The People’s Republic of China was the location of a 
remarkable international conference on “Lenin’s thought in the 21st 
century: interpretation and its value”, held October 20-22, 2012. It was 
jointly sponsored by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and several 
components of Wuhan University – the School of Philosophy, the Institute 
of Marxist Philosophy and the Institute of Western Marxist Philosophy. 
Almost all papers were made available in both languages, and 
simultaneous translation was carried out in English and Chinese.

In attendance were approximately 100 scholars – a majority from China, 
but roughly one-fourth from outside, including a cluster of European 
students studying in China. Among the countries represented, one way or 
another, in addition to the host country, were Austria, Britain, Canada, 
France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia 
and the United States. The effort was headed by Professor He Ping, an 
outstanding scholar responsible for a similar international conference 
on Rosa Luxemburg at Wuhan in 2006

Full article at http://links.org.au/node/3135

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