[Marxism] Thanks

dan d.koechlin at wanadoo.fr
Sat Dec 8 21:29:31 MST 2012

Thank you John, you have encapsulated exactly what I was gingerly trying 
to express :

 >>"As an atheist, I see nothing wrong with pointing out backward 
religious thinking.
Islam like Roman Catholicism should be fair to criticize.

This is different than attacking or urging attacks on individuals who 
might believe in
backward religious thinking. Islamaphobia was meant to describe 
irrational hatred
of people who happen to be Muslims and treat as less than equal human 
People who because of their belief are all viewed as crashing airplanes 
into building
is irrational and fearful."

Islam like Catholicism should be fair to criticize. Of course, the 
existing economic/social relationships are the
matrix from which  all political and social developments stem.
That is Marx's method. Calling people anti-Semitic because they claim 
that Moses never existed is not
Marxist.Calling people anti-Christian because they claim the Gospels 
were written in the 2nd century CE is not Marxist. Calling people 
Islamophobic because they claim Muhamad was a caravan raider is not 
But what seemed self-evident in the 1950s-1980s (Socialism AND Atheism) 
is now seen as problematic, because
the USSSR no longer exists, Pan-Arab Socialism has disappeared and 
Evangelical Chrisitanity has become the most potent political reality in 
the US ("Culture Wars" and "Republican=Christian values").
Unfortunately, we have another few years of "back to religion" and 
"don't criticize people's belief systems, it's mean and hurtful"  in 
front of us before we can get back to the crux of the matter : the 
collapse of CApitalism under the weight of its own contradictions and 
class antagonism.

force in the US.

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