[Marxism] Syria

Prashad, Vijay Vijay.Prashad at trincoll.edu
Sun Dec 9 13:10:01 MST 2012

I have a three part series on Syria, "A Nation of Pain and Suffering: Syria."

"Our enemies did not cross our borders
They crept through our weakness like ants.
  -- Nizar Qabbani, “Footnotes to the Book of Setback”
    (Hawamesh ‘ala Daftar al-Naksah), 1967.

The first part, Refugees, is out now: http://www.jadaliyya.com/pages/index/8887/a-nation-of-pain-and-suffering_syria-%28part-1%29.

The second part is on Neighbors and the third is on Western Plans. These will appear next week.


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