[Marxism] More on the 'Anti-German' Idiocy

mazdak hamrahx at googlemail.com
Sat Dec 8 15:00:26 MST 2012

This is my first post and I try to be clear: 

Just a thought on Anti-Germans: I think that the same phenomenon takes place in different shapes in many places around the world. Or perhaps I am wrong to generalize. 

There are people in China who call themselves Maoists or new Maoists and present a strange blend of chauvinism and some elements from Mao's politics, there is this semi-gangster structure called communist party in Moscow that reclaims Stalin and collaborates with a faction of oligarchy. And some of those "trendy" post-structuralisms, won't they sooner or later pave the way for an ethnic or gender-based rehabilitation of a culturalist type of racism?

To make it clear, I think that anti-Geman stuff, dead or alive, is something in need of better analysis than what was on the site of British Communist party: National Socialists started their carrier by calling themselves socialists. What made that maneuver possible or imaginable for some people? Something close to those mechanisms but not entirely in the same order of things, is at work now again.
On 8 Dec 2012, at 01:21, Angelus Novus wrote:
> I maintain: The Anti-Germans are dead.  For some it was a transitory stop on the way to shitty politics (Neo-Conservatism or right-wing Social Democracy), others abandoned it for better politics (the milieu around Junge Linke or ums Ganze), but in its post-2001 manifestation, it was a short-lived phenomenon.

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