[Marxism] Chavez says cancer has returned, names successor (Nicolás Maduro)

Stuart Munckton stuartmunckton at gmail.com
Sun Dec 9 15:35:18 MST 2012

Venezuela's economy is not simple "Venezuela's economy". It is an economy
developed as one cog of a global economic system. Venezuela's depejndency
on oil is not a product of Chavez. It is not new. The aim of hte Bolivarian
revolution, as an anti-imperialist project, is to liberate Venezuela, and
broader Latin America, from being nothing more than producers of raw
materials for developed economies.

The aim in Venezuela is to liberate the oil industry from imperialist
control (run, before advent of the Bolivarian revolution, by a local
oligarchy that both enriched itself via oil rent and conspired to ensure
oil prices stayed low), anhd use that to resolve the country's crippling
poverty and underdevelopment,

The point is using this control to break dependency on oil and develop the
economy, to overcome poverty. This goal runs through everything -- and not
just oil. It is why Venezuela puts a big emphasis on agricultural
revolution and food dependency. It is trying to break a dependency on
imports of manufactured goods in general, though it is difficult. (The
battle for workers'' co trol explicitely and repeatedly cuts across this
point -- the revolution's aim, its official policy, is to stop exporting
raw materials cheaply to multinations, and then importing manufactoured
goods at greater prices. But there are all kinds of intersts in state
industry bureacracies that benifit from siging these deals. The push for
workers' control is pushed on the grounds that the workers break this nexus
and ensure an end to state industries signing such deals with multinations
and instead follow the stated policy of servising internal needs in
Venesuela first)

This is why such an emphasis of education and techology.

If we remove Chavez from the equation. Let's ask about a different
revolution, any revolution in Venezuela. Wouldn't it, by fact of
Venezuela's econmic reality, inherit an economy based on oil? The only
conclusion would be: donl.t make a revolution. Or else expect the people to

There is, of course, another option -- revolutions inside the imperialist
centres that use the enormous wealth and access to technology and control
exercised over the global economy to directly assist nations siuch as
Venezuela removing the chains around them. A policy of climate justice
would see Venezuela compensated for a shift away from oil produciton and
offered full assistence in developing other industries. Short of that,
these peoples struggle to remove the chains around them the best they can.

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