[Marxism] More on the 'Anti-German' Idiocy

Paul Flewers trusscott.foundation at blueyonder.co.uk
Sun Dec 9 08:03:56 MST 2012

Re comments by Angelus and Einde on the Anti-Germans, I was talking
yesterday to Ben Lewis of the CPGB/Weekly Worker about them, and whilst he
agreed that the Anti-Germans have drifted away from any commitment to
left-wing politics, he feels that their baleful influence still lurks
around the German left in respect of the prevalence of pro-Zionism, which
has a grip in the Left Party. He added that a move to expel the hard-line
pro-Zionists from the Left Party was defeated, not least through an appeal
to the legacy of Rosa Luxemburg, on the grounds that one must not deal
forcibly with oppositional views. As Ben is not on this list, I shall pass
to him the correspondence here, particularly Angelus' second posting in
which he says that the pro-Zionism within the German left is not primarily
the work of the Anti-Germans.

Paul F

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