[Marxism] Chavez says cancer has returned, names successor (Nicolás Maduro)

Manuel Barrera mtomas3 at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 9 15:36:55 MST 2012

DW: " But then again, Venezueala's entire existence as we know it now is based on the penetration of carbon extracting and processing (and stuff that makes fracking look good: the worlds largest reserves of tar sands/shale oil) into the economy. I often wonder if those on the left have a blind spot in this regard vis-a-vis Venezuela. AT least in terms of a point of discussion."

Exactly how is it the fault of the Venezuelan workers that their economy is based on carbon extraction? America's workers are primarily dependent on the vagaries of the finance capital, the energy industry, and retail/service: That is, on whatever the dictates may be of the bankers and billionaires and relative privilege they are "afforded" by the capitalist class. Perhaps it is the fault of the "American" workers that the imperialists are so "bad" and we should stop being so "blind" to their lack of internationalism? 

Isn't it the task of the Venezuelan workers to establish workers government of the exploited to run an economy in the interests of the majority so that they can help build a world economy based socialist internationalist principles? Would you expect Venezuelans to impoverish themselves because their economy is based on some impure version of "socialist energy policy"? What of "American" workers? Should we just impoverish coal miners by gutting the coal industry in favor of "sustainable energy" in some utopian "great leap forward"?  Why aren't we taking "Americans" to task for buying big cars or using too much energy to heat their homes or just littering too much? 

I'm not really sure what is the point of observing some "blind spot" for Venezuela among leftists except that perhaps revolutionaries should somehow scold Venezuelans for relying on oil exports. Perhaps the blind spot is one of "American" chauvinism alongside "American exceptionalism"? Just discussin'

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