[Marxism] Jodi Dean on the Communist Horizon Video

Douglas Greene greene.douglas at ymail.com
Sun Dec 9 17:30:06 MST 2012

Saturday, December 8th, acclaimed author, political scientist, and
Occupy theorist Jodi Dean spoke in  us in Boston on ideas found in
her new book The Communist Horizon (published by Verso Press),
the talk was followed by a discussion on the need for a rejuvenation
of the idea and the project of communism to meet the challenges and
the crisis conditions of the 21st century. The event was co-sponsored
by Red Horzion, Encuentro Cinco, as well as The Howard Zinn Memorial
Lecture Series. 

Jodi Dean on the Communist Horizon: Video 1 of 2

Jodi Dean on the Communist Horizon: Video 2 of 2

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