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Sun Dec 9 18:04:40 MST 2012

John Passant wrote:

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> Unlike John Faulkner, don't waste your time on the Labor Party, a moribund
> organisation of time servers and careerists bowing down at the altar of
> profit.

He suggests people instead check out Socialist Alternative.

I'd agree with both those points.

What I'm not so sure about is who on the Australian left, if anyone, still
calls on workers to vote Labor.

My view is that Labour-type parties these days are basically
bourgeois-liberal parties, not deformed workers parties.  Lenin called them
bourgeois workers' parties 90 years ago, and noted the contradiction
between their bourgeois programmes and working class membership/base.  But
I think that contradiction was resolved long, long ago.

Lenin died before any of these parties became governments (at the
nation-state level anyway).  I think that Labour parties administering
capitalism resolved that contradiction and created a new one - that between
these parties and the working class.

For the New Zealand case, check out:

It's a few years old now and needs updating to take into account some more
stuff about the last Labour government here, but the basic analysis stands.

Good luck with the merger with RSP, John.  I hope it works.  It's good to
see some good news on the revolutionary left in this part of the world.


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