[Marxism] Chavez says cancer has returned, names successor (Nicolás Maduro)

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Mon Dec 10 08:06:06 MST 2012

Stuart, thank you for your answers around workers control. I see what
you meant and why you included it in this discussion.

My larger point and perhaps the key difference, at least in
perception, is that I don't see oil 'winding down' at all, ever. I say
this because it is simply too easy to continue extracting it and
selling it. And there is no alternative. I understand they want to
become less dependent on it, and I think that's a good thing, I just
don't see *how* they can? Not within a capitalist Latin American
(despite the much vaunted but little concertized "integration" some of
the regimes in S. America have talked about).

But even if they can develop alternative means for both foreign
exchange and import substitution by industrializing the country, thus
providing a *material basis* for moving away from extraction of tar
sands...I'm not convinced the government there will have any incentive
to do so...politically. And this I believe is the crux of the

Venezuela will continue to be the biggest producer of hydro-carbons on
the continent for some time (though production in Brazil, but not
reserves, could in theory overtake Venezuela). And China will be the
world biggest consumer of coal, with India slowly catching up.
Developing countries are going to continue to develop.

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