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A few current examples from the Australian Socialist Alliance:

How to change a destructive system
By Sam Wainwright
Sam Wainwright is a Socialist Alliance councillor in Fremantle. Below
is a talk he gave on the topic of how to achieve social change in
It's pretty obvious for anyone that cares to look that capitalism is a
socially destructive and ecologically unsustainable ..

Why we should put mining in public hands
By Graham Matthews
Where to start with an analysis of the mining boom in Australia?
Perhaps ironically, with the Independent Commission Against Corruption
(ICAC). It is now holding an inquiry into the dealings of former NSW
resource minister Ian Macdonald, his mate and Labor powerbroker Eddie
Obeid, and another mate, ...

WA socialists announce candidates for campaign to nationalise mines
By Alex Bainbridge
Sam Wainwright, Socialist Alliance candidate for Willagee.
Socialist Alliance will run three candidates in the March 9 elections
in Western Australia. The main message of the campaign is that the
state government should take steps to bring the big mining companies
operating in the state into public ownership. This will make it
possible to fund urgent social justice and environmental projects in

“The mining boom has brought tremendous wealth to the Gina Rineharts
of the world,'' Socialist Alliance candidate for Perth, Farida Iqbal,
told Green Left Weekly. “But while the 1% are counting their profits,
a lot of people in WA are doing it tough.'

“Perth faces a rising homelessness problem and all over the state
people are suffering from high rents or mortgage stress. We need more
public housing and the money should come from the mining

Fremantle Councillor and candidate for Willagee Sam Wainwright said:
“It is not just housing. “We need a big expansion of public transport,
the beginnings of serious work to build renewable energy
infrastructure and to reverse the petty cost-cutting of the Barnett
government, which is imposing cuts on social services across the

“Labor and Liberal governments have written the rules for the big
mining companies, which means their activities are not genuinely
accountable to the community and they get away with paying woefully
inadequate royalties and minimal tax.”....


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