[Marxism] 4 Ways Progressives Are About to Have Their Hopes Dashed

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Mon Dec 10 09:42:55 MST 2012

All true . . . and, as you say, more.

I'd like to raise once more the subject that I tried to bring up
during the election--what are the concrete responsibilities of
Marxists in such an election?

I don't mean abstractions like build a working class alternative, etc.
 But in the immediate here and now.  If we couldn't get a discussion
going about what we should be doing at the time the election was going
on, is it time yet to start discussting what we should have been

It seemed to me that we never had a better case to make in my life
that the Democratic party was simply the corporate twin of the
Republicans.  The Obama administration is simply much more blatantly
reactionary than any of its predecessors.

And yet, not only did the socialist movement fail to mount a serious
educational campaign around these fundamental political realities, but
the interventions I saw involved shutting down any attempt to
challenge even the most idiotic Democratic assertions about their
campaign and their candidate.  I mean particularly, the moronic
assertion that anyone who failed to support the president's reelection
was anti-woman, racist, etc.  I was simply horrified to see people I
regarded as my comrades simply letting such crap slide.  I was more
horrified when they intervened to shut down efforts to address these
things by others.  Criticisms of the Obama were out of order because
they alientated AFL-CIO people, etc.

What WAS the strategy behind this approach?  Is it just a generational
graying of the politics?

Most importantly--and the real point, of course--what sort of
strategic approach are people taking to ensure a more coherent
electoral strategy in the future?

Mark L.

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