[Marxism] For the defence of the Tunisian revolution

John Obrien causecollector at msn.com
Mon Dec 10 22:15:34 MST 2012

It appears to me - that having a solidarity campaign with real leftists (UGTT) in Tunisia
that includes the sending of funds and resources to such groups to have a real effect
to build their groups - including printing presses, computers etc.

Is better than just sending solidarity statements!

The Arab Uprising (still unfolding) has its symbolism in Tunisia. 

What are we going to do concretely to support those forces wanting to deepen it 
and not be cut off by reactionary opportunist forces?

What occurs in Tunisia will have a great affect on Algeria and well beyond.  
What Is To Be Done - has arrived in our doing something beyond words for Tunisia
and showing real concrete solidarity.

There are no laws that I am aware of that prohibit send funds and equipment to 
Tunisia for our side in efforts to educate and counter religious extremists!  

If there is already no such organized effort, can we not encourage our European 
counter parts to set up such and use the internet social networks to solicit world
support.  Does that seem relevant - or are only the reactionary religious groups
to be able to receive such support from their co-thinkers and the Left is now 
reduced to only a debating society, about past history instead of concretely
addressing what is now occurring and needs support?

> Ken Hiebert replies:

> I am not aware of any effort to solicit broader support at this time.

> For the defence of the Tunisian revolution, solidarity with the general strike of December 13th!
> Statement by the Bureau of the Fourth International
> If the Ennadha party in power has encouraged its militia to attack trade-union buildings, it is because it estimates that the UGTT is the backbone of the resistance to its attempt to submit the whole of Tunisian society to its reactionary and religious model.
> If Ennadha wants to break the UGTT, it is because this trade-union federation plays an irreplaceable role in resistance to the continuation of the neoliberal economic and social policy inherited from Ben Ali.  The government wants in particular to continue to be able to sell the public companies to its friends in Quatar.
> The Fourth International and its sections express their deepest solidarity with the general strike of Thursday, 13 December and undertake to do their best to ensure that the broadest solidarity with this strike is expressed.
> Paris 9 December 2012


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