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Helen Jarvis is an Australian. She became active in the United States in
the late 1960s/early 1970s before moving back to Australia in the early 1970s
with her partner Allan Myers. Both were active in the SWP for a number of
years. Helen is current working in Cambodia working on war crimes issues.
Allen is currently a member of the Revolutionary Socialist Party  a split/expelled
group from the DSP.
doug jordan. 
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>There's a new piece at http://marxists.org/admin/new/index.htm on "The
>Indonesian Movement," which mentions Tan Malaka at the end. In the
>last few years the MIA has added some pieces by Malaka (see
>http://marxists.org/archive/malaka/index.htm )
>There's also a good overview of his life and career by Helen Jarvis at:
>(To the MIA folks: you may want to use that for Malaka's bio rather
>than, or as a supplement to, the Wikipedia file now linked.)
>Anyone know more about Jarvis?
>PS one of the files at Malaka's archive is his speech to the Fourth
>Congress on "Communism and Pan-Islamism."
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