[Marxism] Venezuela

Gregory Adler gregadler502 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 00:16:09 MST 2012

Louis' formulation on the nature of the Chavez and other governments in
Latin America is, in my opinion,
avery useful way bof understanding the process.

I remember a Socialist Alliance event a few years back at which DSP
supporters were screaming in my face
demanding that i declare my position on Venezuela and Chavez. I attempted
to reply in terms similar to Louis
but not as articulately and quite as fully formed as he puts it here. I was
also disadvantaged by the excited figures jumping up and down in front of
me and the sprays of spiitle that came from their demands.

Socialism in the single country of Russia was not possible nor is it in
Venezuela but the gains under the Bolivarian revolution are to be defended
particularly against any move for imperialist intervention.

The recent news on Chavez' health is bad and raises a danger to his
achievements. The defence of them is not helped by demands of declaration
of "socialist or not" whether the motives of the demander are a sort of
maximum Chavism  or
Simon simple revolutionism that requires pure socialism before offering

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