[Marxism] What politics to unite Australia’s left?

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Tue Dec 11 23:00:47 MST 2012

Peter Boyle piece in GLW:


<SNIP>Once again the question of left unity is on the agenda in
Australia. There have been exploratory talks between the Socialist
Alliance and Socialist Alternative and also between the Socialist
Alliance and the Communist Party of Australia (CPA).

The Socialist Alliance and the CPA worked together in a Housing Action
election ticket in the Sydney City Council elections this year.

A merger process between Socialist Alternative and the Revolutionary
Socialist Party is far advanced and due to be finalised by Easter.
This is minor regroupment between organisations that claim 250 and 25
members, respectively. But it is the first experience of left unity by
Socialist Alternative with a group coming from outside its
International Socialist tradition.</SNIP>

Mick Armstrong's response:


<SNIP>The current discussion about unity on the left in Australia is
an important one.It opens up the possibility of the socialist left
making significant gains and being reforged on a new basis that
transcends some of the historic differences that have divided the
revolutionary left for decades.

The position that Socialist Alternative advocates in this discussion
is quite straight forward. We are for unity around a clear cut
revolutionary program – a socialist program for Australia today. Such
a revolutionary program would not rehash all the theoretical disputes
of the past. It would not demand that the organisations involved in
the unity process disown their heritage or political

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