[Marxism] Venezuela

Gregory Adler gregadler502 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 02:59:41 MST 2012

I have no disagreement with  Nick in the substantive part of his response
to me.

But I was not referring to debate in the SA generally on this issue-nor was
I pretending about anything I merely gave a report of an incident that
ocurred in a break in a NSW conference of the SA. For further clarity none
of  the SA people named by Nick were involved in the incident and are
people for whom-whatever political differences exist between us- I have
respect for their sincerity and hard work in support of their positions.

The important point is that the gains of the Venenzuelan people should be
supported by us and whether or not we do that should not be subjected to
metaphysics about 'socialist or not' whomsoever posits  the shibboleth.


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