[Marxism] A Eulogy for #Occupy - Wired Magazine Article

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Dec 12 11:10:08 MST 2012

On 12/12/12 11:54 AM, Erik Toren wrote:
>>From  Wired Mag, a long article on Occupy Wall Street:
> A Eulogy for #Occupy
> http://www.wired.com/opinion/2012/12/a-eulogy-for-occupy/all/

Here's another "Monday morning quarterbacking" piece on OWS written by 
Thomas Frank in the latest Baffler:


I just finished reading it and was astonished by Frank's facile likening 
of OWS to the Tea Party. But then again, he was an outspoken Obama voter 
in 2008 (and somewhat less so in 2012) as well as the author of "What's 
the Matter with Kansas", a book that fretted over the hegemonic position 
of the Republican Party gained through exploitation of "social issues". 
That lasted real long, didn't it...

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