[Marxism] WMD: Should Syrians feel safer because the Left hears echoes of Iraq?

Clay Claiborne clayclai at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 16:34:03 MST 2012

More from Linux Beach on the situation in Syria.

This is my latest. With it WikiLeaks will also be releasing some new
documents I found in the Stratfor Global Intelligence files:
WMD: Should Syrians feel safer because the Left hears echoes of Iraq?

*I*n the *Village of Now* there once was a young boy named Jimmy that
thought it was fun and games to run out of the woods crying *"wolf,"* so
later, when Johnny came running out of the woods with a nasty bite on his
thigh and blood streaming down his leg, crying *"wolf,"* many on the Left
said *"remember Jimmy? ha ha!"*

Not only did they refuse Johnny any first aid, they completely ignored his
wounds in their efforts to imply he was lying about the wolf.

This is the position being taken by many on the Left today when imply that
concerns expressed by Obama and others that Bashar al-Assad may use
chemical weapons against his opposition in Syria are echoes of the false
charges made by the Bush and Blair governments against Saddam Hussein in
Iraq a decade ago. They ignore the inconvenient fact that Assad has already
killed tens of thousands of Syrians in the past two years and is currently
killing hundreds everyday. They don't catalog the weapons he is already
using to slaughter Syrian civilians, including artillery barrages, sniper
attacks, shahiba, cluster bombs, barrels filled with explosives, white
phosphorus, incendiaries, helicopter gunships and
acknowledging any of this undermines their thesis that it is all a
Western excuse for intervention and there is no real danger of Assad
slaughtering even more Syrians with chemical weapons.

In short, for their claims to even past the smell test, they have to ignore
the rotting bodies in the streets of Aleppo and Damascus, ignore the
reality that Assad is already killing civilians, it would seem, by any
means possible.

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And WikiLeaks has finally made public the documents this diary is supported
Stratfor files: British mercenaries trained rebels during Libyan

I hope they are quicker this time. I scheduled the release for 23:00 UTC
but no joy so far.

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