[Marxism] "The Internationale" in Arabic

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This one is the most popular and happens to be the closest Arabic version
to "literal".

On Thu, Dec 13, 2012 at 6:16 AM, Thomas Bias <tgbias at ptd.net> wrote:

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> If there are any Arabic-speaking comrades on this mailing list, I need your
> help. As you may know 2013 is the centennial year of the Paterson, NJ, silk
> strike, and the American Labor Museum in Haledon, NJ, which is in the house
> where the strike committee actually met, is planning a commemoration in
> January. My singing group, the NJSIUC Solidarity Singers, is planning to
> sing "The Internationale": we're going to do the first stanza and refrain
> in
> the original French, close with the first stanza and refrain in the Charles
> Kerr English translation (the one we all know), and then in between do the
> refrain in the languages that the strikers would have spoken: Italian,
> Dutch, German, Yiddish, and, yes, Arabic. There were immigrants from Syria
> working in the silk mills even a hundred years ago. Of course, today
> Paterson and nearby communities (Clifton, Passaic, Boonton) have the second
> largest Arab immigrant community in the United States (after Dearborn, MI).
> I have found an Arabic translation of the lyrics (on Angelfire), but it
> doesn't sound like the YouTube recordings that I've heard. And I'm having
> trouble squaring the lyrics that I saw written out with the music: I'll
> need
> to transliterate it for the other members of the Solidarity Singers, who
> are
> unaccustomed to singing in languages other than English, Spanish, or
> occasionally Yiddish. So if anyone can point me in the direction of an
> authoritative written-out lyric of "The Internationale" in Arabic, and to a
> recording that's using those lyrics it would be greatly appreciated. I can
> read the Arabic script, though I'm not even close to fluent (I've taken a
> one-semester introductory course at community college). Shukran and
> solidarity! Tom
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