[Marxism] On the World Bank & "Global Universities" in Kazakhstan

Allen Ruff allen.m.ruff at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 17:35:02 MST 2012

A piece by Steve Horn & I , posted today on Counterpinch, the first part of a series based on a year's research examining World Bank & major, primarily US university partnerships with the Nazarbayev regime in Kazkhstan -- a look at "soft power" goings on in Central Asia.


From the intro:

A number of prestigious, primarily U.S.-based universities are quietly working with the authoritarian regime in  Kazakhstan under the dictatorial rule of the country’s “Leader for Life,” Nursultan Nazarbayev.

In a project largely shaped and brokered by the World Bank in 2009 and  2010, the regime sealed deals with some ten major U.S. and British universities and scientific research institutes. They’ve been tasked to design and guide the specialized colleges at the country’s newly constructed showcase university.

As a result, scores of academics have flocked to the resource rich, strategically located country four times the size of Texas. They remain there despite the fact that every major international human rights monitor has cited the Nazarbayev regime for its continuing abuse of  civil liberties and basic freedoms.

Kazakhstan now serves as a key hub for the application of the World Bank’s “knowledge bank” agenda, a vivid case study of the far-reaching nature of a corporate – and by extension, imperial – higher education agenda...

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