[Marxism] On the World Bank & "Global Universities" in Kazakhstan

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Dec 13 18:07:54 MST 2012

On 12/13/12 7:35 PM, Allen Ruff wrote:
> A piece by Steve Horn & I , posted today on Counterpinch, the first
> part of a series based on a year's research examining World Bank &
> major, primarily US university partnerships with the Nazarbayev
> regime in Kazkhstan -- a look at "soft power" goings on in Central
> Asia.
> http://www.counterpunch.org/2012/12/13/the-world-bank-brings-nazarbayev-university-to-kazakhstan/

About 15 years ago we had a part-time worker in CUIT named Carolyn 
Kissane who was working on a PhD in Education at Teacher's College. I 
never really knew her that well but assumed she was some kind of lefty 
since I ran into her at a conference on globalization there. She seemed 
knowledgeable about Chomsky et al but looking back in retrospect I see 
this falling into the category of "keeping your enemies closer" as 
Michael Corleone put it.

Her PhD was on education reform in Kazakhstan and falls within the 
purview of the article above. Out of curiosity I google her name from 
time to time and am dismayed to see what a counter-revolutionary hack 
she has become.

Here she is discussing education reform in Kazakhstan:


I think if I ever ran into her nowadays I'd ask her what made her decide 
to become an imperialist functionary.

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