[Marxism] What politics to unite Australia’s left?

Shane Hopkinson swhopkinson at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 20:53:53 MST 2012

Mick Armstrong's says:


<SNIP>The position that Socialist Alternative advocates in this discussion
is quite straight forward. We are for unity around a clear cut
revolutionary program – a socialist program for Australia today. Such
a revolutionary program would not rehash all the theoretical disputes
of the past. It would not demand that the organisations involved in
the unity process disown their heritage or political

And you can see Peter's original piece has a much more reformist tone:

<SNIP>.“What we want to create is an organisation that does not start with
the historic differences that divide the far left, but a socialist program
for Australia today: for revolution; for a Marxist party; against
imperialism; against all oppression; against the capitalist state; for
workers’ power.

“We are not proposing a 'broad party' that tries to involve all kinds of
non-socialist forces. We want a Marxist party, with a clear program and
principles. We want a political organisation that operates on the basis of
majority decisions, but where minorities have the right to their opinions.
We don’t want 'unity' for its own sake, but unity of the forces who want to
fight for revolutionary change.”

The obvious fact is that all these left organisations are united in their
aim of replacing the capitalist system with a system based on one in which
society's main resources and assets are socially owned and controlled
through a democratic system of popular power. All agree that such a
political and social revolution is necessary to solve the chronic economic,
social and ecological crises of our age.

You can well understand why Mick needs to hold the line against such
"reformism" and insist on a genuine revolutionary Marxist program.

I understood SAlt saw themselves as a propaganda group along the lines of
Hal Draper? Is this no longer the case?


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