[Marxism] What kind of history is teached in USA?

Sebastian Clare sebthegooner at gmail.com
Fri Dec 14 09:55:45 MST 2012

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On 14 December 2012 16:38, Daniel Rocha <danieldiniz at gmail.com> wrote:
I am actually puzzled by the reaction to Oliver Stone's series. What he
tells there is only the standard subjects that are discussed in World
History classes in my country...
So, I am curious about what sort of History the young study at school in

These are my sentiments also, having watched the first episode and been
distinctly underwhelmed by its content. I expected something radical,
something controversial - what I got was not far off a watered-down version
of what Howard Zinn had been bangin' on about for years. Just going by that
one episode, this series will not be a patch on Zinn's brilliant The People
Speak - a truly original and vivid way of giving an airing to the voices of
the voiceless in American history.

I was more disappointed than anything else.

Did anyone else have the same reaction Daniel and I had?


P.S. I am from Ireland by the way.

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