[Marxism] Book inquiry : Mathematics for the masses

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 A really old book along the lines that Politicus seems to be asking for would be Lancelot Hogben's 1936 book, Mathematics for the Million.  Hogben, who was a biologist and mathematician, was also a kind of unorthodox Marxist.  That book, besides presenting the rudiments of mathematics, from arithmetic to basic calculus, also attempts to present the social and political contexts in which mathematics developed  
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On 12/14/2012 09:24 AM, Politicus E. wrote:
> In order to specify a frame of reference, the genre
> should loosely be similar to John Allen Paulos' "Beyond Numeracy" but
> instead with a Marxist or Left political disposition governing the
> text and selection of topics.  I believe that he wishes to use such a
> book for an undergraduate course in basic quantitative literacy.

this is more for upper level, but Dirk Struik's "A concise history of 
mathematics" is great ....

as for lower level study, i would look to the Soviet text books, they 
did a great job of popularizing without trivializing, though i am more 
familiar with their physics texts that those for math (or maths 
depending on where you are residing).

i can ask around with my math colleagues.


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