[Marxism] young men trouble again (shooting incident)

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Sat Dec 15 12:24:06 MST 2012

Young men losing it and ending it....

Very similar to wht I also feel at times....

Some day , some day, the world leaders will admit  tht the model maybe

Why can't Obama say ' there  is something  seriously wrong in USA - in our

even 'aerosmith' says so in their song !! he he !! ' something wrong in the
world today'...

1) Current  model- flaws - too many shootings

2) shooting - problems for us - no problem ? - go back to sleep..

3) shootings  - problems  for us - yes- recheck model.

4) reevaluate model for flaws..

5) find the flaws and fix them.

6)  reduce the number or eliminate shooting completely...

7) set a target figure for 2013- tht  in 2013 - the no. of shootings will
be 50% less than 2012

8) fix the model and achieve the target...

9) if okay with  current rate of shootings.... ( if okay for all/majority)
.. don't fix model...

(  computer  robot fed with  the question ' shooting problem' and the above
is the computer printout reply)

( my once upon a time close friend, -currently a professor -  posted once
on facebook  tht she was completely okay with
 'living with' shootings.. it didn't cause her any concern... it was in a
way the 'price' she was ready to pay for her 'freedoms'
of living in USA...  mind you this woman is a serious feminist and a  kick
ass 'scholar/researcher').

xo xo xo


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